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Soccer has been an incredible vehicle to reach the people of Guatemala with the Gospel!


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Update posted 4 months ago

When Cesar first joined our sports academy, he was an incredibly introverted child who faced challenges when it came to socializing. On the soccer field, he didn't stand out, and our coaches found it tough to work with him because he rarely responded to their instructions. Teaching and mentoring him proved to be a formidable task due to his reserved nature.

At our academy, we understand that many of our children come to us with various difficulties and challenges. Our primary mission extends beyond teaching soccer; it's about mentoring our children and providing a safe space for them to thrive.

Our coaches refused to give up on Cesar and continued working with him. After several months of unwavering support, we began to witness remarkable changes in his life. Cesar started interacting with other kids, paying attention to his coaches, and gradually coming out of his shell.

Cesar is an only child, and his family is deeply rooted in an indigenous Catholic culture. His dream had always been to become an evangelical pastor and a sports commentator. However, his mother vehemently opposed his dream due to historical tensions between Christians and Catholics in our country. Understanding the complexity of the situation, we remained steadfast in our commitment to Cesar and continued visiting his mother.

Over time, Cesar's mother underwent a transformation of her own. 

She is now displaying great kindness and beginning to see Christians in a different light through our continued visits with coaches and missionary teams. She realized that Christians were not what she had been led to believe. While she remains steadfast in her beliefs, she now supports Cesar's dream of becoming a pastor. We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting him and mentoring him so that he can achieve his dream.

It's nothing short of incredible to witness the transformation of a once withdrawn child who rarely spoke to anyone and had difficulty making friends into the remarkable young person that Cesar has become.

Today, Cesar not only plays in our matches, but also takes on the role of a sports commentator with his deep, enthusiastic radio announcer voice that inspires us all.

As we approach the year's end, we invite you to be part of Cesar's journey and countless others like him by supporting our mission.

Here's how your gifts can make an impact:

  • $100 gift covers their water bottles

  • $135 gift covers transportation to and from soccer tournaments

  • $250 gift will cover soccer balls for our athletes for a full year

  • $500 covers the athlete's soccer uniforms 

Your contribution helps us provide guidance, mentorship, soccer tools, and a safe space for these children to thrive and achieve their dreams.

Will you join us?

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission and for helping us make stories like Cesar's possible. Your support and prayers are invaluable to us.

Kevin and Tanya Applegate

At our Linces Soccer Academy, we believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to thrive, both spiritually and physically. We've seen powerful transformation happen in the lives of our students and their families as a result of this ministry. 

This year, we'd like to raise $3500 for the soccer discipleship program. 

Here are some ways  your gifts can make an impact:

  • $ 30 gift covers sports cones for training

  • $100 gift covers their water bottles

  • $135 gift covers transportation to and from soccer tournaments

  • $140 covers goal keeper gloves

  • $250 gift will cover soccer balls for our athletes for a full year

  • $500 covers the athletes soccer uniforms 

We also provide counseling and Bibles. Thank you for your generosity!

Your generous donation will help us continue our work in providing a nurturing and faith-filled environment for these children and their families -- families like the Wiwi's. 

Their story is one of unwavering faith, remarkable transformation, and relentless perseverance. 

Overcoming Bullying Through Sports

The Wiwi Family is a respected and influential presence in their community. They are known for their strong spiritual leadership, and their dedication to their faith has been unwavering. 

However, their sons, Kennet and Leiser, faced relentless bullying due to their struggles in sports. 

This led to their withdrawal from social activities, causing them to stop playing and interacting with other children.

Despite their initial reluctance, Kennet and Leiser joined our sports academy. 

Through the guidance of our dedicated coaches and the power of faith, their lives began to transform. 

The devotional aspect of each training session became their favorite part, and they started attending not just for sports, but to engage with the devotionals and learn more about Jesus. 

Gradually, they became more involved, interacting with other children and excelling in physical education class.

Today, Kennet and Leiser have blossomed into highly talented soccer players with numerous friends in their community. They no longer shy away from playing and have embraced a life of faith and sportsmanship.

Will you help us make an eternal impact in kids lives like Kennet and Leiser? Through soccer, we are making a huge impact!

Your Support Matters:

The Wiwi Family's journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the incredible blessings that can emerge from life's most unexpected challenges. Your contribution can help us continue to provide guidance, mentorship, and a safe space for children like Kennet and Leiser to thrive and discover their potential in Christ.

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